Stahlschrank der renommierten Firma Mauser 174H x 68B x 28T cm hellgrau. 3 Stück vorhanden

Stahlschrank, Magazinschrank von der renommierten deutschen Firma Mauser. Hellgrau. 5 Höhenverstellbare Stahlblechfachböden, verzinkt (Verstellraster 17,5 mm). Türen mit geschlitzten Aussteifungen zum Einhängen von Sichtlagerkästen. Türen mit verdeckten Scharnieren, Öffnung ca. 135°. Hochwertige Grundierung und Einbrennlackierung. Verstellbare Füsse. Löcher für die Fixierung am Wand.  Fachbodentraglast 50 kg.  Gewicht 42 kg. 3 Stück vorhanden.

Zustand: Sehr gut
Ort: Stadt Zürich
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Specific terms for a sale such as a non-refundable down-payment

In the case of specific terms such a non-refundable down-payment, if the buyer does not pick up the items within a period specified and mutually agreed upon between the buyer and ReWinner and/or the supplier, the buyer forfeits the opportunity to receive the goods. Additionally whatever down-payment has been made to ReWinner, to the supplier or a combination of ReWinner and the supplier remains with ReWinner as compensation for their time and effort even in the case that the items ownership is not transferred to the buyer.

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Transfer of Ownership and Risk of Loss

At the time of purchase (approving an offer), the buyer pays his invoice in full or part, whichever is agreed upon in the offer. Ownership of the item and risk of loss passes immediately to the buyer when full payment is received and the removal date occurs. If a winning buyer pays his invoice in full or part, but does not take possession of the assets during the agreed upon removal day, ownership and risk of loss will still transfer to the buyer.

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