About Us

ReWinner maximizes product and material reuse. By enabling the process of distributing high quality goods, we bring benefits to both suppliers and buyers. Through these activities emissions are reduced, resources preserved and quantifiable impact is reported to stakeholders.


We cooperate with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics, Institute of Energy in Building.

Our Customers

We are fortunate to work with institutional building owners such as the City of Zurich and further municipalities along with the private sector. Additionally, we cooperate with several well known general and total contractors. Testimonials and references are availiable upon request.

What We Offer


Buyers of high quality, reused goods can make an offer inquiry or direct purchase on the ReWinner Platform.

Suppliers of used goods can profit from various services such as inventory taking, order processing (sales) and impact reporting.

By reusing goods we can achieve value for all of our stakeholders and have an ecological as well as a social impact at the same time. Please contact us without obligation in order to find a way of collaborating together:

Morgan Altman,
COO (Chief Operations Officer)
+41 77 461 01 59